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Certification Training Courses

life coach diploma certification training preston, london, bristol, united kingdom

Transformational Life Coach Diploma Certification

Hypnotherapy & Life Coach Diploma training in London, Bristol, Devon, Manchester, UK

Transformational Hypnotherpy Certification

Accredited NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner training bristol, exeter, manchester london, uk

NLP Practitioner & Masters Certification

Coaching College NLP & Life Coaching Course Prospectus

    Welcome to The Heartmind Academy – for over 16 years we have provided high level educational training programs in Transformational Leadership – Life Coaching & Hypnosis, NLP & Emotional Intelligence including our very unique Transformational Hypnotherapy & Coaching Diploma training.

    Our students receive full life time support from The Heartmind Academy until you feel fully Confident and Competent to go it on your own – we stand with you through your transition to becoming a leading Practitioner & Coach for as long as you require support.

    Learning with The Heartmind Academy is a very unique fun & dynamic experience that is, around 95% of the time – A ‘LIVE Training Experience’. Your journey to become a highly trained Coach will be shared with other students, as you practice your skills, in a secure and fun environment together under world class supervision during your study time. With over 25 combined years of coaching and training in the fields of Coaching & Human Behaviour – you can feel totally confident that you will Learn, Practice & Develop your Powerful NEW Coaching skills with other students as you become more confident and competent as a Life &/OR Leadership Coach. On completion of your training we will continue to support you for as long as you desire … giving you expert assistance, support and mentoring with your ongoing development. *  We also run our very own  consultancy that can develop your coaching business into a successful business, including full online development of your branding, website, seo, and business coaching and mentoring.

    As a Certified Coach or Practitioner, you will help clients to create a vision for their future and devise a custom-made plan to achieve specific outcomes in their personal lives and businesses. You will work with clients to improve productivity, encourage self-discovery and personal growth. 

    The context of Transformation’ is a large focus within our framework at The Coaching College in both the areas of Life and Leadership. 

    Defining Transformation: ‘a marked change in form, nature, or appearance.’ noun.

    When we are assisting transformation within our clients we are making changes to where they are now (the present) in relation to what they want – need and/or desire … there results or goals.

    At The Coaching College we have a very flexible & wholistic approach to Human Behaviour, Coaching & Leadership – as we believe the world and people in it are changing rapidly, which calls for a more modern approach as old style frameworks are simply struggling to achieve long term changes …

    Our modern updated style of training & coaching frameworks – allow for a more flexible approach for the coach / practitioner, bringing with it more possibilities to a clients desired outcomes.

    Within our coaching courses we have included topics such as the Sciences of The Heart & Energetics, plus Quantum frameworks in our tools & techniques which work on the ‘science of possibilities’ aligning with Quantum Physics therefore allowing for a more rapid and long lasting change.

    When you complete your training at The Coaching College you will receive an Internationally accredited coaching certification, giving you the confidence to practice your skills both online & face to face with full confidence & competence knowing you have full ongoing lifetime support at The Coaching College.

    On completion of your training course with The Heartmind Academy we can assist you with building your business. We can assist you with building your Website, Seo, Google local, Personal branding, Marketing – building Lead Magnets and Sales Funnels, and much more. Contact us for more information on how we can assist you with your Online Development – Online Marketing – Personal Branding – Business Consulting & Coaching.

    Below are just some of the topics covered in our training courses …

    Upcoming Training Events 2022

    Transforming lives across the globe for over 16 yrs …

    Build Your Business – 3 Day Training Program is our Business Development Training Course available from 2022 to all students & non students looking to build there Coaching – Hypnosis – Health & Wellness business. 

    • Build & Edit Your New WordPress Website/Landing Page 
    • Create Lead Magnets to attract leads
    • Connect website form to mail database
    • FREE 12 months web hosting
    • FREE Domain & 12 months hosting
    • Develop Your Personal & Business Branding 
    • Integrate Mail Database for Online Marketing
    • Learn to Create regular content easily for Social Media 

    Accelerate your business brand & profile and have your Business up online within 3 days – Start making an IMPACT & attracting clients NOW. Get in touch for more information.

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